August 19, 2014

Master Cleanse Detox -The Results

This is the mother load of all the detoxes. This post is going to get VERY personal…. I am talking some major TMI moments so I am sorry for that in advance. I do feel like everything I am about to share with you does need to be said because I wish I had known what I know now before I started.

August 18, 2014

A Southern Wedding

#NeutrogenaSelfie + GIVEAWAY

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Neutrogena via Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Neutrogena. #NeutrogenaSelfie

Happy Monday gorgeous! Today we are talking all about the art of selfies. I mean hello this is the biggest thing to come about since cellphones got text messages. Crazy enough I actually remember my first cellphone not having a camera or text messaging (talk about showing my age haha). Needless to say all I remember is me getting grounded a ton because my cell bill went through the roof as soon as I got the first text in my inbox, I was instantly hooked. I like to think I knew texting was going to be huge even before it was a standard. ;)

Selfies can be empowering and that is why this craze has swept over everyones camera rolls. I say this because we are in complete control of what we put out for the world to see. A picture is worth a thousand words and every selfie says a whole lot about the person/people in the picture. Here are 3-tips to taking the perfect selfie:

August 15, 2014

No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial

Good morning love!! It is gorgeous out in LA and I am ready to get my weekend plans on a roll. Before I head out the door I decided to do a quick blog post for you. I was so inspired (and will admit I cried my eyes out) when I watched Colbie Caillat's music video "Try" that was released at the beginning of July. Colbie is spreading a beautiful message about being comfortable in your own skin and loving who you are. It's no surprise she is definitely hitting the right note along the way with close to 20-million views and counting on YouTube. Take that all the people who photoshop every inch of the models, singers and actors that grace our magazines
courtesy of Republic Records

I am not one to wear a ton of makeup but I do enjoy playing around every once in a while. You may be surprised but the days I wear less makeup are the days I get the best compliments. I think it is because people take notice of other features; my eyes, smile, hair, and laugh lines. I said it laugh … LINES!!!! Of all the types of wrinkles and creases to have laugh lines are the best. They are just a constant reminder that I am a happy-go-lucky type of girl so no matter what those are here to stay. I even give you some real up-close footage of my acne problems and how I go around it with some fabulous products. I hope you enjoy my latest YouTube and please remember to subscribe so you never miss what's coming next.