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This vs. That – Flavored Bottle Water

Don’t be fooled, not all flavored water is created equally. In fact nothing ever is that is why I am starting a fresh and exciting new series on my blog called This vs. That. This series is going to give you everything you need to know about nutrition so you can have the knowledge to make healthier choices on a daily basis. Being that I just traveled to Texas (where it is HOT-HOT-HOT) I am consistently trying to stay hydrated but as you are about to find out some drinks can definitely break my diet.

Daily, I am pretty good at drinking my 8-9 glasses of water but can you really blame a girl for wanting a little flavor in her life? I am facing off the ever so popular Vitamin Water with Hint to see which of the two should tag along during my next workout.

Vitamin Water


Offers a significant amount of Vitamin C (great antioxidant and needed for growth and repairing tissue in all parts of your body),  Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B5 (B vitamins help the process your body needs and uses to create energy from the foods you eat).


  • Calories: 120

I workout to achieve my next fitness goal (or even on some days to eat a little more- shhh). While 120 calories doesn’t seem like much, those extra calories can be apart of another snack.  Strawberries are filled with antioxidants and natural vitamins so you’ll never guess that there is only 46 calories in a cup!! Add your favorite greek yogurt for some protein- 18g in a cup and 100 calories in a 6oz serving- and you have a scrumptious snack on-the-go.

Vitamin Water Zero does have zero calories but in my opinion it does taste significantly more bland so you may as well just drink good ole H2O.


  • Sugar: 29-31g
  • Carbs: 31-32g
  • Vitamin Water Zero Carbs: 1-5g

Is it just me or is the sugar struggle a real thing? I use the app “MyFitnessPal” every day but the sad thing is by noon I am hitting my sugar limit according to my height and desired weight. EVERYTHING has sugar in it. Of course there is good and bad sugars but nonetheless if you don’t work off the good sugars they turn into fat cells as well.

50-100g of carbs is good for people who are trying to maintain their weight but if you are trying to slim down, 25-50g is where the metabolic benefits are. Scientific studies have shown that an intake of less than 50 grams per day will get your body into ketosis, killing your appetite and causing you to lose weight. Be aware that low-carb is NOT no-carb. Carbs are wonderful for your body but Americans tend to overindulge leading to obesity and diabetes. In my opinion drinking 30+ grams of carbs in one drink seems crazy. I’d rather save it for some low-carb vegetables like an avocado or nuts.



This drink has zero preservatives, is made with non-GMO plants. It is vegan, gluten free, and kosher.

The Better

  • Calories: 0

Ahhh the guilt-free zero calories has my heart (and diet) singing. 🙂


  • Sugar: 0g

There is nothing to hide! No diet or artificial sweeteners because it’s made with pure water than has been infused with real fruit.

Katt’s Pick

Not saying that everything that is clear is good for you but I do love that Hint is confident in the taste so there is no need for adding coloring to each drink. I am one to find the best ways to use my calories, carbs, sugars, etc.. mostly on foods that I can eat. Ultimately, I would stick with infusing my own purified water with fruit. If you are the type who would rather just grab something out of the fridge or you are at a gas station trying to figure out which drink to choose – I would go for the hint or just a bottled water and use all the extra calories on a reward for making the smarter choice . 😉

Photo & Video Credit: Brian Rovanpera

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