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DIY Jellyfish Costume (Glow-in-the-Dark)

Photo/Video Credit: Brian Rovanpera

Hello Peeps!

Every Halloween I opt out of the sexy outfits and this year wasn’t any different. I was invited to a family Halloween party and knew I had to bring my A-game since my date had never won the costume contest. As you can tell we decided to make jellyfish costumes and we didn’t just have the BEST time, we won Best Couple. Not to toot my own horn or anything but I’d say we owned the night in these costumes and it was glorious. We swam (danced) out into the contest with Under The Sea by the Little Mermaid playing in the background. Talk about a grand entrance and a way to live out one of my childhood dreams. 😉 Everyone kept asking us how we made them so I decided to put up a how-to on my blog. Because I wasn’t planning on blogging this particular costume I didn’t take many pictures of the process. I hope these instructions help and as always feel free to email me or leave comments below.

Materials Needed



    1. Cut a circle (large enough to fit around the top of the hat) in the center of the foam board with a knife.
    2. Cut the outer edge to make the foam board look donut-like.
    3. Hot glue the foam board to the brim of the hat — see example below.
    4. Stick one of the LED tap-on lights on the very top of the hat.
    5. Begin to stick the white plastic bags along the foam board with see-through packing tape until it is completely covered. Remember to not overdo it with the bags, this hat will become pretty heavy and every bit counts. I wrapped each bag in a sphere and fluffed it up before sticking it to the foam board. I used at most 10 bags.
    6. Grab the bubble wrap and completely cover the entire top of the hat.
    7. Use hot glue under the hat to ensure the bubble wrap holds.
    8. Poke holes through the foam board and bubble wrap (2 near your ears, 1 in the front of the hat) and thread 3 LED lights through, keeping the battery pack underneath the brim.
    9. Tape the LED battery packs underneath the brim. We hot glued the edges of the tape that way if the LED lights ran out of battery we were able to cut the tape and replace them – the batteries can only be replaces on the other side of the pack which had to be taped down.
    10. Once the 3 LED lights have been threaded through, begin to tape the lights on top of the bubble wrap.
    11. Place bubble wrap over the entire hat again and hot glue underneath the brim.
    12. Grab your loofah and cut the string that holds it together in the center of the ball.
    13. Hot glue the un-bunched loofah along the outer edge of the hat. (BE CAREFUL- EXTREMELY HOT!!)
    14. Cut the excess loofah and begin to hot glue it underneath the brim, close to the edge.
    15. Tape your last LED string lights underneath your hat and tape the battery pack behind your head.
    16. Secure the tape and battery pack with more hot glue.. I warned you TONS OF HOT GLUE HA!
    17. 17. Grab you second battery-operated LED tap light and stick it underneath your hat, shining down on your back.
    18. Cut the mesh tubing and ribbon to desired length and begin to hot glue them to the edge. Make sure not to place glue too close to wires. You don’t want to mess your lights up before you get to wear them out. 😉

      TA-DA! You’re almost done…

    19. Wear black pants and a black long-sleeved shirt. This helps you blend into the darkness allowing your jellyfish to really stand out.
    20. Power up your hats, bust out your bubble guns and “just keep swimming”…

{Via Instagram: @KatherineLauren}
“Jellyfish on the loose!!”
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