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Jewelry Haul: The Future with Rocksbox (Video)

My jewelry game has been so strong and I owe it to an AMAZING company called Rocksbox! (Huge  shoutout to Tara who’s my stylist – girl, you are killin’ it!) I said it, I have my own jewelry stylist that has been helping me out and I couldn’t be more grateful.

With a full-time job on top of creating content for On The Kattwalk, the convince of Rocksbox saves me so much time every week. It’s just one less thing I have to shop for and I can always count on something stunning to show up in my mailbox. For only $19 a month I get everything from statement to dainty pieces which I have unlimited access to all delivered right to my front door.

My life before Rocksbox… well, let me explain.
I am a young business professional who values my money. Often times people don’t realize how much money goes into creating a successful blog; behind every post are new clothes, makeup and jewelry that often cost a pretty penny. And even if you’re not a blogger, buying new quality jewelry to keep your wardrobe fresh can leave a sista a bit guilty for buying more jewelry when you already own some great pieces. The cool thing about Rocksbox is that I can send back my box filled with the jewelry as many times as I want and new items will keep coming in. It’s so great how changing up my jewelry can double my wardrobe.

How does your stylist get to know you?
When you sign up for Rocksbox (using the limited-time code: kattwalkxoxo for a 1-month free subscription) you will take a short survey about the jewelry you would be interested in receiving. Your own stylist then pulls together three pieces that she feels would be the best fit based on your selections in the survey.

Overall, the future is here! Don’t bother wasting time waiting in lines at the mall – if you want a particular item that Rocksbox offers all you have to do is put on your wish list where you can purchase the item online for a discounted member pricing. You are one click away from discovering how convenient and easy it is to have fun playing dress up again. >> click here 😉  <<

Special thanks to Rocksbox for sponsoring this post and for keeping my jewelry drawer fresh with cool content for my amazing followers! Onward to the next box, can’t wait to see what’s inside!

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