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It’s The Little Things

Special thanks to Skinny Cow® for sponsoring this post! #SkinnyCowSecret

As you know I am a Texas girl who recently moved out to Los Angeles to fulfill my dreams of working in the entertainment business. It started as just a dream probably 15 years ago and now it’s surreal to think I’m doing exactly what I came out here to do. Although I love this magical city and my job, I realized within 30-minutes of being here that people weren’t joking when they told me the traffic is horrible.

But shhh, I’ve got a secret to tell you…

After my first time on the 405 I vowed that I wouldn’t get on a major highway unless I absolutely had to. It took a week to figure out my game plan but since then 90% of the time I never get on a major highway. I moved to a place directly on the beach and only take coastal highways to get everywhere including my job. Not only does this save me added stress from the madness of traffic but I’ve also come to realize that it is a beautiful transition from work to home during the evenings. My mind gets a relaxing view to wind down from the busy day with, the smell of the ocean air calms me and the sunsets always are breathtaking.

The most delicious part is Skinny Cow® has been along for this whole ride! Normally I love to indulge in a package of the Divine Filled Chocolates on the way home as a sweet treat to reward myself for a good day at work. But now there is a new partner in crime in town and I’m obsessed. Skinny Cow® has a new line of creamy iced coffee that will blow your mind. There is a Vanilla Latte, Mocha Latte, and a Creamy Cappuccino favor that I’ve stocked in my fridge so I can grab on the go in the mornings. It’s the little things that can turn your whole day around. From treating myself with decadent treats to and from work or taking the coastal routes to avoid the hectic LA traffic, life is too short to not do the things that make you the happiest.

Now it’s your turn! I want to know your Skinny Cow Secret so share it on Twitter using the hashtag #SkinnyCowSecret and don’t forget to tag @TheSkinnyCow to receive a special treat!

Thanks to Skinny Cow® Ice Cream Bars, Creamy Iced Coffee and Candy, our secrets can all be a little sweeter. Follow Skinny Cow® at: twitter.com/TheSkinnyCow

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