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DIY Flower Crowns with Fleurish | Event Recap

Hey there girlfriend,

Let’s get girly, I know just the spot. It’s this adorable spot called Fleurish and it’s basically every crafty girl’s dream. Fleurish is awesome because it provides you with all the tools you need to have to be you’re own florist!

Sorry for the picture quality, these photos were taken on my iPhone

I attended this blogger event and had no idea about how much fun I was about to get into.  The invite mentioned we were going to be making DIY flower crowns and a lot of you who follow me on my snapchat -ONTHEKATTWALK-  saw the process and kept asking me where I was so I decided to share my night with you guys in a full blog post! Today is a full recap and of course, as the title says, I’ll be showing you how we made our DIY flower crowns too. The best part? They were made with real flowers!

First off, let me start off by saying that I have been to TONS of blogger events and this one stole my heart. What made this event different than any of the others? I’m glad you asked!

It’s not that other events haven’t been successful or that I didn’t enjoy myself. It’s that I honestly feel like they knew who would be coming to this event, BLOGGERS! We are obsessed with social media so with that comes the need for fabulous lighting and great opportunities to snap pictures of our adventures to share with you guys. There was so much natural light that as soon as I walked indoors I fell in love. From fresh flowers everywhere, food, drinks and treats we all left with the biggest smiles on our faces and TONS of pictures to share. Fleurish even had a huge flower wall that we got to pose in front of. Seriously wasn’t lying when I said it was a fun night and that I’m so glad you guys to relive it with me.

DIY Flower Crowns

Items You’ll need:

  • 1 stem of Ivy
  • 12 flowers
  • 4 stems of baby’s breath
  • 2 ribbons (both 6-12 inches)
  • Floral Shears
  • Crafting Tape


  1. Grab a few fresh flowers in the combination you want to use in your crown.
  2. Cut the stems off of the flowers and baby’s breath an inch+ away from the buds.
  3. Tie a knot at the very end of your ivy stem with the crafting tape.
  4. Grab a flower and place it over one baby’s breath stem and wrap the crafting tape around them 3 to four times (tightly)
  5. Continue Step 4 (spacing them out evenly) until you run out of flowers and baby’s breath.
  6. Tie another knot at the other end of the Ivy with the crafting tape so it doesn’t unwind.
  7. Tie knots on the very end of the Ivy with the 2 ribbon to ensure you can tie it around your head.

Now you’re ready to put it on your head and join me at the party – EASY AS CAN BE!

I’m a girl who loves to try new foods and I was so excited to try a Russian pirozhki and Russian punch for the first time from a cute little airstream. No meal is complete without dessert. Hannah’s Bananas hooked me up with a chilled banana covered in dark chocolate and sprinkles on top. I’m in love.  My stomach and my Instagram were very happy. #HOWCUTE

Top: Vintage Urban Outfitters  // Shorts: Target // Sandals: Similar Rebecca Minkoff // Necklace: Stella & Dot Aria Pendent Necklace // Townie Bike

Fun Fact: I actually don’t know how to ride a bike but if I have this bike right here I just might learn. 😉

Special thanks to Fleurish for hosting such an amazing event – Can’t wait to come back!

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