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Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Fun fact: I wear prescription Transitions® lenses! While I’d like to think it’s obvious that I wear my glasses because I actually need them to see, trends have made wearing specs one of the coolest accessory to own. I’m so thrilled to say that I have partnered with Transitions Optical and top celebrity stylist Irma Martinez to bring you everything you need to make your lens game strong, whether you need them or not.

We use our eyesight for roughly 16 hours a day. That’s actually an insane amount of time when you really think about it. In order to make sure my eyes don’t lose quality I had to get glasses but why did I choose to get Transitions® lenses? Glad you asked. 😉

Leave it to me to be a bit vain but I never step outside with sunglasses on in order to prevent crows feet wrinkles on my eyes. I started this habit when I was in middle school and it’s always stuck. However, once I got my drivers license things needed to change. At the time I wasn’t a fan of contacts so my only option was to wear glasses yet wearing glasses on top of sunglasses was not practical or fashionable for a 16-year old. So, I decided to give Transitions® lenses a go and have never looked back. While I’m driving I never have to strain my eyes from harsh glares making my eyes more comfortable and my drives more enjoyable.

My eyesight is something I have come to value as I’ve gotten older so protecting my eyes has become more of a priority rather than way to preserve my skin from wrinkling. With Transitions lenses I feel safe knowing that 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays are blocked, helping to protect the health and wellness of my eyes.

Want to know how to pick the perfect pair for your face shape? Check out the video above.

Head on over to Transitions Optical’s Youtube for more videos to about how to choose the right pair for you! For more information head over here for English and here for Spanish. Also, be on the lookout because I’ve got another post coming soon and it’s all about how to achieve the perfect makeup and hairstyles for your Transitions® lenses. Have a wonderful weekend!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Transitions Optical via Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Transitions Optical. #PrimeraVista

This is a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Transitions® and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

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