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Makeup Expiration Dates + Tips to keeping your makeup fresh

I’m a hoarder

No lie.
No shame.
But I’m 99% sure you are too. 🙂

I hoard my makeup. It’s a terrible habit but believe it or not makeup actually expires. WHAT?!!! You heard me girlfriend,  MAKEUP EXPIRES! It’s something that shouldn’t be surprising at all but when it comes down to it most beauty lovers, myself included, neglect to trash our products long after we should. But today we are making changes not only to get organized but to keep our faces as healthy as possible. Check out my latest video on to find out when beauty products expire and my tips to remind you when it’s time to trash the product. Enjoy by pressing play below!

Keeping your makeup fresh!

  1. Cleaning your brushes isn’t the only upkeep your skin routine needs. Be sure to use a makeup disinfectant like BeautySoClean. This product is amazing because it dries in an instant without ruining the consistency of your makeup product while eliminating bacteria that is growing. Use 1-2 times a week.
  2. Write the purchasing date on the product as soon as you purchase it. This will help you know exactly when it is time to ditch items without second guessing when you bought it.
  3. Buy a new makeup bag!! That’s right, this is the perfect excuse to get that cute Ted Baker makeup bag you’ve been eyeing. Having a smaller bag will help you not feel obligated to fill it with new items each trip to Sephora.
  4. Clean out your makeup bag & bathroom drawers every 3 months. Programing an alarm on your phone is key or even writing it in you super cute Kate Spade Agenda so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to check-in for products that could be killing your flawless skincare game.

Hope this post helped you reevaluate your skincare products and routine. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube so you get an email notifying you that a new video has gone live! I’d love to hear from you so leave me a comment telling me all about your struggle to part ways with your makeup because sista, I feel you. And lastly, don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family because you never know who’s skin you could be saving. Thanks for stopping by!

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    What a pleasure to find someone who idtifienes the issues so clearly

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