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Airport Delay in Cabo | Travel Outfit Idea

The following pictures of me sleeping were caught at a moment of weakness and I can’t believe I’m actually posting them for the world to see. Enjoy my misery haha!

Hey there!
I actually wasn’t going to post this but then I figured what the heck this is life and it happens to everyone at least once in their lives. Posts like this are what make this a lifestyle blog. It’s me being real and showing you every part of my life; the good, awkward and funny moments. My plane was delayed in Cabo due to a few category 4 hurricanes that were just off the coast so what else was I supposed to do other than cozy up and get some much needed rest after such an amazing vacation. You know you have those embarrassing pictures buried deep in an old albums of you sleeping in an airport because your best friend, boyfriend or family member thought it would be funny. And it usually is way down the line 😉

Are you traveling any time soon? Let me know what your favorite part about traveling is – mine actually is the flying – and be sure to tell me where you’re going!

Photo Credit: Brian Rovanpera

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