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Since it’s Fri-yay (Friday for my people who have to work this weekend or just didn’t get that haha!) I thought why not bring out the perfect weekender outfit to the Kattwalk.

Quite a bit of my wardrobe has resulted from late-night Target runs and this olive moto jacket was from one of them. I have never been one to lean towards a olive-color because I always felt like it would clash with my skin tone. I ended up making this purchase because the grey knit sleeves added a nice texture and broke the olive before it was on my face and hands. Is it me or am I just crazy to think this through that much? #BloggerProblems haha!

I knew before heading off to this location to shoot that we were going to a cliff that overlooked the ocean and so my stone necklace was a must. It fit the earthy-elements and tied in my fierce Chelsea boots to complete this look. To me it’s always been weird how one accessory can be that ‘thing’ that transforms a outfit from basic to completely glam.

Are you a late night shopper? Let me know what store is your weakness in the comments below. Be safe and have a great weekend!

Photo & Video Credit: Brian Rovanpera

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