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SoulCycle for the Not-So-Fit Chick

Before I really go into my experience I want to preface this by saying that this is not a sponsored post and that it has been a hectic 9-months. So much so that I haven’t had a moment to workout and have gained a total of 30 pounds. Yes, this was my first workout in nearly a year and I had decided to try SoulCycle because I wanted to experience a new way of working out. Something out of the ordinary from running and something I’ve heard a lot of people rave about.

I did it, I did it! I took my very first SoulCycle class so I decided that this is going to be all about my experience. You know, what I wish I would have known before going on my first ride and my overall experience with this new workout craze. Did I love it? Did I hate it? Was I sore days after? Am I planning on going back? Be sure to keep reading to find out!

What is SoulCycle?

It’s a indoor cycling class, with regular classes being 45-minutes.


What is SoulCycle like?

The lights are turned off with only dim lighting and candles in certain areas. The music varies because of the instructor’s preference but it’s always loud & motivating to keep you moving to the beat. I’ve never been to a class with so much energy and encouraging vibes from not only the coaches but others around you.


Your first SoulCycle ride…

Get ready to work your butt off.

I personally thought walking in that I was only accountable for myself. In my mind I remember thinking ‘if I’m too tired I can just take it easy’ and boy was I wrong! Jillian was my instructor and made sure that the whole class understood that we were all in this together from the very beginning. Throughout the entire 45-minutes class we were told to reach over and bump up our neighbor’s resistant dial to the right. There was more than a couple moments when I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I thought for sure my legs were going to give out. But as the class went on, every minute thereafter that would pass would have me feeling something unexpected. I could feel the sweat falling off my face and off my legs but none of that mattered. Rather than feeling weaker I felt like I was getting stronger and being that this was my first workout in 9-months, I was very surprised. At any moment that I wanted to slow down or drop my dial down before Julian would say to I would look at the around and see the whole room moving in sync, at the same resistance, drenched in sweat and it was empowering.

Naturally, I’m not a bicycler but I have taken plenty of cycling classes before and believe me, this is not your typical spin class. You will be working out your entire body; legs, arms, back and core. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that some of the movements felt unnatural for the first 25-minutes but that could just be little uncoordinated me not being used to riding a bike in the first place. Every move you make, you make with your class. Everyone is moving to the same beats and there I was trying to keep up and I did. If I can do it, you can too.

They aren’t lying when they say to wear yoga tights. They recommend them because of all the movements you will be doing but this girl’s thighs were thanking me for not having them rub directly on each other. #NoThighGapProblems 🙂

What I wish I had known…

You will sweat.
And not just a few drops here and there either.
You will come out of that class looking like you just showered; soaked from head to toe.
Don’t bring a water bottle with a twist-off cap.
I brought one and it spilled the first 3-minutes of the class. Boy could I have used that water too. Luckily I did already come hydrated so it wasn’t too bad.
If you’re not so fit like me then you will be sore.
Sore in places you never even knew were capable of being sore.
I continued to stretch and workout every day since and can honestly say that I was sore for 5 days after my first class.I wish I had known that each class was going to be $30.00 because then I would have really tried to not enjoy it as much as I did.

In Conclusion…

I’m addicted. I wish I could afford to go 3-5 times a week, it’s that amazing! But for now, I will stick with a class once a week or once every two weeks to treat myself for getting motivated again. Ultimately, don’t be scared to try something new because you may find a fun new way of living & loving life.

Have you been to SoulCycle or have a fun activity you are currently loving? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below because like I said SoulCycle is expensive but loads of fun! 😉 haha!

Special thanks to The Stylist LA for inviting me to my first ride!


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