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Don’t Wait

I’m wrapping up my Jackson Hole, Wyoming travel series with the outfit that has some serious attitude… or should I say stylitude since it’s style with attitude? 😉

I didn’t have a ton of room for lots of outfits when packing for this trip since I wanted to fit everything in my small carry-on. So I had to find cool ways to make each oversized chunky sweater bring out a different vibe to make everyone think I brought more outfits than I really did.

I have a few favorite elements that I feel really made a difference in making this look unique from my others.  First, I have to give my gloves a quick shout-out.

Hello quilted gloves, you are by far the cutest things to not only match my SOREL snow boots perfectly but you also brought in an element of class to this outfit that was quite unexpected.

Second, this lipstick is a statement on it’s own and ever since this day I’ve been finding any excuse to rock it. Next is my FAVE trick of all when it comes to accessorizing, layering statement necklaces on top of each other. That’s right! I’m wearing two stunning crystal necklaces to breakup the turtleneck from sitting on my chest. Overall I feel these accessories really brought on the ice Queen vibes don’t you think?! 😉
Want more from my trip to Wyoming? Check out some of the following outfits  (OOTD 123) – promise the photos and videos are TO-DIE-FOR! Let me know in the comments below if you want me to create a travel vlog or a travel picture diary sharing more candid moments and behind the scenes from this trip. Shop more of my favorite chunky sweaters below and you better believe that a lot of them are on sale right now too!

Photo & Video Credit: Brian Rovanpera

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