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Boho Princess | Festival Outfit

Festival season is so much more than cut off shorts and booties. As you probably know by now I live in dresses and bright colors. Bring on a festival and I will instantly go the girly route.

Today I took it up a notch. I’m going the Boho Princess route and I’m not sure if I’m ever coming back. 😉

As I said in yesterday’s festival outfit post, comfort trumps EVERYTHING for an all-day event. That being said, you may be wondering why I would settle on sandals and a woven layering piece when most festivals are located in a hot desert.

Well I’m glad you asked!

I have sensitive skin, not only on my face but on my body too. In combination with reapplying sunscreen I knew I needed this duster top to keep my shoulders, back and body protected from the harsh rays that will be beaming on me for hours on end. I mean it looks so fabulous and is ultra light too so this was just the easiest layering piece to add without sacrificing my completely look.

My newest shoe obsession have been these Skechers sandals because they aren’t your ordinary flip-flops. They have so much arch support and actually make you feel like your walking on clouds thanks to the luxe-foam soles. Standing in these babies for hours feels like a piece of cake and thank goodness it shows off my cute new pedicure too 😉

Are you heading to any upcoming festivals? If so, let me know what you’re planning on wearing in the comments below.

Picture & Video Credit: Brian Rovanpera

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