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Flower Child | Festival Outfit

I’m so excited to be sharing this fun outfit that finds a way to showcase a ton of my favorite things like tassels, statement pieces and LOTS of color just in time for weekend two of Coachella!

Flower child vibes start…. NOW!

Festival 1-0-1..
It is just as much about the fashion as it is about the music.
True statement times a million.
But what a lot of newbies don’t understand is that comfort trumps all.Today’s look is honestly the perfect blend. It’s adorable, light and comfortable (really, these Sketcher sandals make me feel like I’m walking on clouds) and it doesn’t hurt that my aztec dress is only $38 either. 😉

Remember you’re not only going to be outside all day and night long but you will most likely be standing for a good portion of that. Treat your body well by coming prepared to dance the days away and look good doing it. 🙂

Are you heading out to any music festivals this year?

Photo & Video Credit: Brian Rovanpera

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