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Pom Pom Heels

Obviously my love for pom pom shoes is out of control. If you haven’t seen my post of pom pom flats yet, they’re sure to brighten your day just as much this one you’re currently reading!

I’m moving up my heel game just in time for spring flings and summer brunches. Heck, I may even throw these amazing heels in the mix for a couple of upcoming weddings. From subtile to bright fringe details I promise you could go Monday through Friday spicing up your daily looks with these fun babies! Let’s get this round up of pom pom heels started right…. now!

Check out my outfit post where I wear my new crazy pom pom sandals and let me know which of these heels you would like to see me prancing around on the Kattwalk in the comments below. <3

Photo & Video Credit: Brian Rovanpera

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