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The Artis Brush | How do you use it & is it worth the purchase?

Hey guys,
Look what I got my hands on while on-set for one of the shows on AwesomenessTV! If you’re thinking that these just look like a hair brush – spoon gadget then you’re in luck because I’m about to give you the best scoop you’ve heard all day. 🙂

These are Artis makeup brushes and they happen to be the hottest thing in the beauty world right now. Let me tell you, these beautiful brushes aren’t your ordinary makeup brushes and this post is going to tell you everything you need to know before you make the purchase.





After getting to play around with these for a few hours I knew I had to do a post. There was a few things I had to get used to so I’m just gonna share all that I learned here :)When I first picked up the brushes I was surprised they weren’t heavy. The handles are actually plastic which makes these very easy to work with and hold. Gotta shout the curved neck on all these brushes because it makes it very convenient to rest my pointer finger on. This feature gave me full control while doing my makeup.

The CosmeFibre (aka the bristles) are incredibly soft. One of the highlights of these brushes is that on average they have 3-10 times more fibres than basic brushes. So what does that mean for you? Due to the high amount of fibres,  you will actually be using less makeup. That’s right! Investing in these brushes could actually save you money in the long run. This is because less products gets trapped along the fibre’s length, and instead is held between the fibre tips.

After trying them out I can confidently say that your makeup will look airbrushed and flawless. But it does take some getting used to. The hardest thing I noticed was not picking up my brush and bouncing it on my skin when applying products. Again, the brush do their job by spreading your makeup in a uniform manner rather than leaving blotches to fill in by an extra round of makeup.

Artis Brushes are 100% animal-free which is wonderful because did you know that 10% of the population is actually allergic to animals and their hair? So you could be irritating your skin, not from the makeup you are using, but by the brush you are applying your makeup with. CRAZY!

Needless to say, after a day of learning and playing with these brushes I had to make my own purchase. I ended up buying the same Oval 8 brush with hopes of buying the Artis full set in the near future.

Have you tried out any Artis Brushes?! Let me know what you love about them below!

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