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2017 Hawaii Travel Diary Video

Warning: This 2017 Hawaii travel diary video may cause you to book your next vacation TODAY!

I travel to a lot of amazing beaches but Hawaii beaches will always have a special place in my heart.

It’s funny, all my life I never rushed to visit Hawaii. I just figured I should travel outside of the United States while I am young. Yet when the opportunity to run the Hapalua Half-Marathon presented itself I jumped on board and never looked back. Umm… well, maybe that’s a lie. Somewhere near the 9-mile mark I definitely questioned why I decided to run 13.1 miles while on vacation. I mean who does that?

This travel diary video consist of my 5 day stay in a private home on the North Shore. It’s seriously the only way to experience life as a local. From there I moved into a hotel in Waikiki for 2 days, and finally rounded out the trip with an ultra boogie stay at the Four Seasons Maui. I never like to give away too much only because I like for you to experience life through my lenses. Want more of my days and nights? I made sure to vlog the whole experience. I even created a playlist on my vlog channel so you can kick back, grab a piña colada, and go on vacation with me.

My favorite thing about getting to travel over the years has been being able to create these visual travel diaries to share with you guys. I hope it inspires you to plan your next adventure and create new memories with your families and friends. Oh, and no worries about questioning the adorable outfits I wore in this video. There are some outfit posts in the making.

Travel Surfer in HawaiiI couldn’t imagine a better way to re-launch my new website.

Here’s to new outfits, travels, experiences and so much more creative content. Thanks for always tagging along and joining me ON THE KATTWALK.

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